St. Mary's C of E Primary School

Achievement, Creativity, Equality


Meet our staff.



Jane Gill
Mrs Gill is the executive headteacher in all three school in the Hope, Westbury, Worthen Trinity Federation.
Elizabeth Chamberlain
Class 2 teacher
Mrs. Chamberlain teachers in class 2 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
She is subject leader for:
MFL - French
Sport and P.E.
and the coordinator for Key stage Y6/7 Transition
Mrs Emily Walker
Class 1 Teacher
Mrs Walker Teaches in Class 1 Monday to Friday, she is the coordinator for Early years, Key stage 1 and Outdoor learning.
Jo Beesty
Mrs Beesty is a Higher level teaching assistant who works in class 1 and Class 2 and covers PPA and Head teacher's release.
Mrs Beesty's responsibilities include:
Creative Arts (drama, dance and music) and Art
Worship songs
Worship file and Values certificates
Heather Norton
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Norton is a teaching assistant in class 2. She works each day with the children in years 3 and 6.
Mrs Norton is one of our first aiders.
Deborah Cockerham-Barker
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Cockerham Barker is a Teaching Assistant in class 1 for part of the week. She also works part time in the school office carrying out an administrative role.
Mrs Cockerham-Barker delivers support programmes.
She is one of our First Aiders.
Dawn Harbridge
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Harbridge is a Special Needs teaching assistant with Speech and Language training. She supports children in key stage 1 & 2.
Mrs Harbridge is also a lunchtime supervisor.
She is one of our First Aiders.
Carol Leighton
Mrs Leighton is our school Administrator. She works full time in the office.
Mrs Leighton answers the phones and is the smiling face which greets our visitors.
Janet Eggby
Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Eggby has worked at the school for a number of years. She keeps the school clean and tidy.
Denise Nevison
Pre-School Leader
Mandy Parr
Pre-School Assistant