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 Proposal to Close Hope CE Primary School and St Mary’s CE Primary School Westbury and Expand Worthen CE Primary School


Notice is given, in accordance with The School Organisation (Establishment and Discontinuance of Schools) Regulations 2013, that the Local Authority, Shropshire Council, proposes to close Hope CE Primary School, Hope, Minsterley, SY5 0JB and St Mary’s CE Primary School, Westbury, SY5 9QX, with effect from 31 August 2017.  Pupils will be offered places at Worthen CE Primary School.  The Local Authority intends to expand provision at Worthen CE Primary School, Worthen, SY5 9HT to accommodate the pupils from the closed schools.


Shropshire Council Cabinet, having received the report on the outcomes of the first consultation stage at their meeting on 21 December 2016, approved proceeding to the publication of the closure proposals and initiating the representation stage of the statutory process (as prescribed in the Establishment and Discontinuance of Schools Regulations).  The four week representation period of consultation will run from Thursday 12 January 2017 to Wednesday 8 February 2017. 


The proposal document is being published on the Shropshire Council website together with the original consultation document from 22 September 2016 and the reports that went to Cabinet on 14 September 2016 and 21 December 2016.  Any person may object to, support or comment on, the proposals by:



                Post                                       Hope Worthen Westbury Consultation                                  

                                                                Learning & Skills Group, Shropshire Council

                                                                Shirehall, Abbey Foregate

                                                                Shrewsbury, SY2 6ND


Cabinet will make the final decision at their meeting on Wednesday 1 March 2017, taking into account any representations and comments made during the initial consultation period.





 Our school is part of the Hope, Westbury, Worthen Trinity, a federation of Church of England schools. As a Voluntary Aided school we enjoy working closely with the church and the wider local community.

You may already know that the governors of the Hope, Westbury and Worthen Federation of CofE Primary Schools decided to teach all the school aged children on the Worthen site from September 2016. 

This decision was made to secure the best possible outcomes for pupils academically and socially and provide them with the best opportunities for accessing high quality teaching and learning.  In addition, there are more opportunities for children to access a variety of extra-curricular activities, including sport.

All three schools have experienced falling rolls in recent years and it has been increasingly difficult for governors to recruit and retain headteachers and teachers. 

Children were taught in whole key stage classes in all three schools; now they are taught in classes spanning no more than two year groups.

The headteacher does not have a class teaching responsibility, allowing her to focus more sharply on raising standards and the quality of teaching and learning.

The nursery enjoys our wonderful facilities.  We have an outdoor area with play equipment, an allotment, orchard and wildlife area.  Our playground has picnic benches and a quiet area, as well as netball courts, multi play activities and plenty of space.  We also boast a large field, which is marked with a football pitch in the winter and running track The nursery has an active panel which the children use daily.

The nursery is well furnished, and we have a large hall, small teaching room, nurture area. 

We would like to extend a warm welcome to any prospective parents.

To visit the school please contact Mrs. Leighton, our school administrator. 

Please visit our 'Contact Us' page to get in touch.