St. Mary's C of E Primary School

Achievement, Creativity, Equality
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Welcome to St. Mary's C of E Primary School, Westbury.

Executive Head teacher: Mrs Jane Gill

St Mary’s C of E School, Westbury is a happy, friendly school, which prides itself in reaching high standards of achievement in all aspects of school life.

Everyone in the school community is encouraged to work hard towards achieving their potential and challenging themselves and others.

St Mary's C of E Primary School is part of the Hope, Westbury, Worthen Trinity Federation. These three small rural primary schools federated in May 2016.

The aims of St. Mary’s C of E School, as agreed by the Governing body, are:

  • We will provide a high quality learning environment where pupils will be supported to reach their potential, develop and sustain their natural enthusiasm for learning, and be encouraged to have a better understanding of their place within God’s creation by learning more about it.
  • Our school community will aim to demonstrate Christian qualities of kindness, respect, good manners and care for others, whilst nurturing spiritual, moral, physical and cultural development.
  • We will encourage children to feel valued, and value all within the school community and our multicultural country, preparing them for life in modern Britain. British values are reflected in the ethos and work of the school which helps our children to embrace our diverse culture.
  • We will recognise, value and celebrate the achievements of all members of the school community.


Our current Christian value is:


So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.

Matthew 7:12



                                                                   Word cloud based on our school prayer